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The Jackson State Tigers (19-14) and Southern Jaguars (21-12) meet in the fourth round of the SWAC tournament at the Toyota Center. Action begins at 6:30 pm ET on Saturday, Mar. 12 and can be seen on ESU and ES3. Winner is one step closer to a spot in the NCAA Bracket Contest

The Tigers played well in their last game, topping Mississippi Valley State 74-68 in the 3. Yettra Specks was the game’s leading scorer with 20 points on 3-for-10 shooting. The Jaguars, meanwhile, are coming off an 81-73 win against Texas Southern in the 3.

The top-notch Southern defense appears to have an advantage when it comes to eFG%. It ranks 35th in the nation in making teams miss (opponents’ eFG% of 47.7%), whereas the cold-shooting offense of Jackson State is 314th with a mark of 46.2%.

Both teams have won a game in the season series. The Tigers had the upper hand in the most recent game, a 74-68 win. Hyder had a stellar game with 14 points, six rebounds, five assists, six steals, and two three-pointers.


Jackson State sits at 14-6 SU against its conference, while Southern is 13-7 SU.

The Jackson State Tigers have a defensive rating of 94.6 (ranked ninth), while the Southern Jaguars have an offensive rating of 106.6 (ranked 159th).

The Southern Jaguars average a field goal percentage of 44.9% this season. The Jackson State Tigers have a subpar record of 1-6 when opponents have a FG% of 44.9% or greater.

The Jackson State Tigers and the Southern Jaguars both rank higher in average field goal percentage when compared to their effective field goal percentages. Jackson State is 314th and 310th in the nation for eFG% and FG% respectively, while Southern ranks 178th and 131st in these categories.

Jackson State, the 31st-ranked team in rebounding, register an average of 39.8 rebounds per game. Southern does worse, ranked 188th with 35.9.

Southern ranks 190th in offensive rebounds, while Jackson State ranks at 99th in defensive rebounds.

Though Southern is one of the best in the country in forcing turnovers with opponents averaging a TO% of 20.0% (ranked 17th), Jackson State has a solid 7-4 record SU when it has a TO% of 20.0% or greater.

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